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Yellow Capital provides the sustainability and liquidity needed to support cryptocurrencies in an increasingly competitive crypto landscape.

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Yellow Capital provides comprehensive and efficient cryptocurrency trading solutions.

Reduce spread

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Yellow Capital partners with leading cryptocurrency projects and exchanges, demonstrating high performance. They maintain a level of value in the market and confirm it for all partners.

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Proven Track Record

We proudly provide exceptional services to more than 90 partners in our portfolio.

Focus on Important

We listen to each partner and develop personalized strategies and solutions tailored to their business needs.

Monitoring and Support

Each project has a dedicated account manager backed by the global team, providing 24/7 monitoring and support.

Trusted Liquidity Provider

We are a trusted liquidity provider for top-tier tokens, helping them go from the launch stage to being ranked among the top in market capitalization.

Pioneering Technology

10+ years developing our market making engine, employing sophisticated liquidity provision algorithms, and continuously refining it to stay ahead of market trends.

360° Partnership

Cooperation with us includes not only market making services, but also provide, consulting, liquidation and treasury services to prevent your token from unpleasant surprises.

What are the benefits of crypto market making?

Markets with low liquidity tend to have wide spreads in order books, which can be accompanied by increased volatility of the asset.
For this reason, it can be quite difficult for traders to get a good order value and execute their orders. To put it in other words, the liquidity of cryptocurrencies corresponds to the level of their availability to those willing to buy or sell them, who can easily trade them whenever they want. The main objective of market making is as follows:
Increased efficiency of the difference between buy and sell prices in cryptocurrency exchange order books.

  • Enhances the ability to establish fair value.​
  • ​​Makes price changes less abrupt
  • ​Increases liquidity in the market and expands the depth of the order book.​

Increased efficiency of the difference between buy and sell prices in cryptocurrency exchange order books.

Who are market makers?

Market makers are businesses or individuals engaged in providing market liquidity. They buy and sell cryptocurrency to investors, traders, and others involved in the market of a large number of countries. Market makers purchase cryptocurrency from sellers looking to get rid of their assets and sell it to buyers looking to buy those assets. This makes trading easier and the presence of a counterparty on the opposite side of the transaction is guaranteed. The volatility of prices is reduced, the source of liquidity is present in the market thanks to them, so the makers occupy an important place in this chain.

Yellow Capital's software package was created entirely by our developers. We carefully analyze your ecosystem (trading and exchange), identify your needs and set realistic goals.

We have created software that can measure performance at the most granular level, making the process more transparent and flexible. We have extensive experience trading with both established and new projects.

Drive organic growth for your tokens with Yellow Capital's Crypto Market Making services.

Our team of experts specializes in creating a sustainable and profitable crypto market for your tokens through our proven strategies including crypto market makingalgorithmic trading, liquidity provision, token growth, and crypto exchange listing.

Yellow's algorithmic trading infrastructure can connect to over 100 exchanges, and our constantly evolving architecture is compatible with all major Blockchain protocols.

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Ensure your token growth with consistent spreads and healthy order books.

Ensure your token growth with consistent spreads and healthy order books.

In the volatile world of cryptocurrency, having consistent spreads and healthy order books is crucial for maximizing profits. With Yellow Capital's Crypto Market Making service, you can achieve just that.

Our organic growth strategies including market making, algorithmic trading, liquidity provision, token growth, and exchange listing will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Ready to take your crypto tokens to the next level?

Our market making strategies, algorithmic trading, and token growth expertise will ensure your business stays competitive in a rapidly-evolving crypto market.

Maximize your crypto assets with automated trading.

Maximize your crypto assets with automated trading.

Manual trading is time-consuming and prone to errors. With algorithmic trading systems from Yellow Capital, you can automate your trades and efficiently liquidate tokens, maximizing your profits.

Let our proprietary technology do the work for you so you can focus on growing your business.

Why is crypto market making important?

Market making is a critical function in any financial market. It refers to the process of buying and selling assets in a given market to ensure liquidity and efficient price discovery.

In the crypto market, market making is particularly important, as the majority of tokens are illiquid, which can cause price volatility and make it difficult for investors to buy or sell at a fair price. Market makers provide liquidity to these markets by offering to buy and sell tokens at competitive prices. And Yellow Capital does it better than anyone else on the market.

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Boost your cryptocurrency exchange platform's liquidity.

Boost your cryptocurrency exchange platform's liquidity.

Establishing liquidity is crucial for the success of any cryptocurrency exchange platform. With Yellow Capital's Crypto Market Making Services, you can ensure the competitive liquidity of your crypto platform through our expert strategies including liquid crypto assets.

Don't miss out on growing your customer base and potential profits due to lack of liquidity - partner with Yellow Capital today!

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At Yellow Capital, we have a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market and have years of experience in market making. Our goal is to provide the project with the liquidity it needs to grow, while also benefiting investors by providing them with a healthy trading environment.

If you're looking for a partner that can help your cryptocurrency project succeed, look no further than Yellow Capital. Our market-making services are the best in the industry, and we have a proven track record of success. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help unleash the full potential of your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Crypto Market Making?

This is a trading strategy whereby market participants such as market makers consistently provide liquidity by setting buy and sell prices for cryptocurrencies. They do this by maintaining a willingness to buy and sell assets at all times. Market makers purchase cryptocurrency from sellers and sell it to buyers, earning the difference between the buy and sell price, which is called the spread. This activity also reduces price volatility and ensures that the market functions efficiently.

 How Does Crypto Market Making Improve Trading Execution?

Trading execution is improved through several basic mechanisms. First, the regular provision of liquidity enables market participants to execute trades at current prices at any time, minimizing delays. This improves order execution and reduces slippage. Secondly, market makers reduce spreads between buy and sell prices, making them more competitive, which also helps to improve trading efficiency as market participants can transact at more favorable prices.

What are the Benefits of Crypto Market Making for Exchanges?

Market making promotes liquidity by making trading more active and attractive to market participants. Their participation reduces the difference between buy and sell prices, which provides more favorable trading conditions. In addition, market volatility is reduced, which makes the situation more stable.

What Role Does Yellow Capital Play in Crypto Market Making?

Yellow Capital offers liquid solutions adapted to the maturity level of markets and the phase of their life cycle, contributing to the development of clients' businesses. Provides competitive pricing in a round-the-clock format, utilizing large spreads and high levels of liquidity. With their services available on all leading trading venues, clients have full coverage for efficient trading. Yellow Capital emphasizes market neutrality and effective risk management as the backbone of their business.