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And Strategic Investments

Yellow Capital is a leading venture capital and crypto market maker firm focused on supporting crypto projects. From inception to becoming a top-ranked token, our primary goal is to propel the growth and success of our portfolio projects throughout their journey.

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Private Rounds:
Incubation, early stage projects and
pre-TGE investments
Investment and Incubation​

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For Altcoins:
Prime Market Making and liquidity
provision services for
healthy trading environment of your token

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Listed Assets:
Portfolio management, OTC deals, algorithmic selling and buying to maximize your capital efficiency

+Free Market Making

Ethical Market Making and Incubation

Partner Exchanges

OKX - Okex

And 100+ more

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We're at the forefront of the Web3 revolution.

Yellow Capital is an affiliate of Yellow Group, which comprises Openware, the team behind the leading OpenDax crypto exchange software, Attirer Web3 Wire and crypto marketing agency, and Yellow Software providing Web3 software engineering to third parties. These companies bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Yellow Group has contributed to 100+ Blockchain projects shaping the future of Web3's Internet of Finance.

What is Crypto Market Making?

Crypto market making is the process of providing liquidity to cryptocurrency markets by buying and selling digital assets. Market makers play an important role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem by ensuring that there are always buyers and sellers available to keep the market stable and ensure asset growth. The benefits of crypto market making:

  • Liquidity provision: It provides liquidity to cryptocurrency markets, which helps to keep prices stable and orderly.
  • Asset growth: It ensures steady growth of the assets, especially when performed by experienced market makers like Yellow Capital.
  • Reduction of volatility: Price volatility is detrimental for organic growth any crypto assets and tokens, and market makers strive to reduce the price volatility in the cryptocurrency market.