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Alexis Yellow

Hi, I am Alexis Yellow

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Are you ready for a wild career transition? I went from launching rockets into outer space at the European Space Center to helping Token Issuers launch their Crypto Projects!

Yellow Capital provides startup advisory services, strategic investments, and prime crypto market making.

Join me on this journey as I share my experiences and expertise in the crypto world, and maybe we'll even launch a few successful projects together!

Exclusive For the Projects We Invest In

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Our investment strategy involves providing deep liquidity crypto market making to the projects we invest in. This approach allows us to ensure continuous and substantial liquidity in exchanges. By doing so, we aim to increase market efficiency and reduce price volatility. We help to stabilize prices and reduce the bid-ask spread, which can lower transaction costs for traders. This usually attracts more traders to the markets, by making it easier and less risky to trade your token which can help to increase the overall liquidity and trading volumes both for the benefit of traders and issuers. However, we recognize that providing liquidity also comes with potential risks, which we carefully evaluate and manage as part of our investment decision-making process.

Exclusive For the Projects We Invest In

Get Free Market Making

Our investment strategy provides deep liquidity market-making for projects we invest in, stabilizing prices and reducing bid-ask spreads. This increases market efficiency and attracts more traders, benefiting traders and issuers. We carefully evaluate and manage potential risks associated with providing liquidity.