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The Challenges of Starting and Launching a Successful Blockchain Project

Friday, September 08, 2023

The emergence of blockchain technology has sparked a wave of excitement and anticipation across industries worldwide. Its promises of decentralization, transparency, and immutability have captivated entrepreneurs eager to explore its transformative potential. However, beneath the glimmering surface lies a myriad of challenges that can thwart even the most promising blockchain ventures. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the intricacies of embarking on a blockchain project and the critical considerations necessary to overcome obstacles and achieve lasting success.

To gain further insights into the challenges of launching a successful blockchain venture, we had the opportunity to interview Matt Lucz, the co-Founder of, a prominent player in the blockchain-based travel industry. In this article, he shares valuable experiences and strategies that shaped's journey, offering crucial lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs in the blockchain space.

Overview of Blockchain Technology and choosing the right for you

To navigate the challenges that lie ahead, it is imperative to gain a comprehensive understanding of the foundational principles of blockchain technology. At its core, a blockchain operates as a decentralized and distributed ledger, meticulously recording transactions across a network of interconnected computers. One of its defining features is its immutable nature, guaranteeing that once data is recorded, it remains unchangeable and impervious to tampering. The disruptive potential of blockchain is boundless, offering promises of transformative innovations. However, harnessing its power for successful implementation necessitates a profound grasp of its intricate underlying mechanisms.

A holistic overview of blockchain reveals its remarkable capabilities and the complexities of realizing its full potential. The decentralized nature of blockchain, where data is distributed across a network, ensures transparency and enhanced security, making it inherently resistant to fraudulent activities. Each block in the chain contains a unique cryptographic hash that links it to the preceding block, forming an unbroken sequence of data. This chain of blocks, hence the term "blockchain," chronicles the history of transactions transparently and chronologically. While the technology offers unparalleled benefits, including reduced intermediaries and increased efficiency, it also presents challenges, such as scalability, energy consumption, and regulatory considerations. Embracing these aspects with an informed perspective empowers stakeholders to harness blockchain's disruptive power effectively and embark on a journey of innovation and progress.

Matt’s advice on choosing the right blockchain for your idea:
“The choice of blockchain depended on the project's goals and requirements. When working operationally in the earlier days of, the decision involved considering factors like value,volume and market attention.”

Matt explained that if a project seeks to emphasize value, opting for a larger blockchain with higher fees may be beneficial. On the other hand, if the project prioritizes volume, selecting a chain with lower transaction fees could be more suitable. Additionally, “the exchanges that utilize the chosen blockchain are also crucial in the decision-making process. The goal is to align the blockchain choice with the project's specific needs and purpose.”

The Hype vs. Reality: Navigating a Dynamic Landscape

  • In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology, one of the most significant challenges confronting entrepreneurs and innovators is the delicate balance between the hype that surrounds the technology and the concrete reality of its actual applications. The meteoric rise of cryptocurrency prices, often accompanied by grandiose claims and promises of revolutionary transformations, has created a dynamic and vibrant environment. However, within this euphoria, the industry has witnessed an influx of projects driven by speculative investments and inflated expectations, sometimes without a solid foundation or a clear path to genuine success.
    In the face of this exuberance, discerning between blockchain projects with real potential and fleeting trends has become a formidable task. The allure of quick profits and the fear of missing out have spurred speculative investments, contributing to market volatility and challenges in distinguishing sustainable projects from mere hype.
    For blockchain entrepreneurs, navigating this landscape demands a strategic and focused approach. It requires steering their projects away from the noise of inflated claims and showcasing the practical applicability of their solutions. Thorough market research and meaningful engagement with potential users are vital in understanding their pain points and unmet needs. Armed with these insights, entrepreneurs can craft blockchain solutions that genuinely address real-world challenges, positioning their projects as practical and valuable.

    Identifying a Problem and Solution:
    At the foundation of every prosperous blockchain project lies a clear and well-defined problem, coupled with a transformative solution. The journey toward success commences with the identification of real-world pain points that blockchain technology can adeptly resolve. Diligent research becomes the compass guiding entrepreneurs as they engage with potential users and stakeholders, unearthing unmet needs that can be effectively addressed through blockchain's capabilities. The key to unlocking trust and fostering adoption within the target market hinges on crafting a robust and innovative solution that delivers tangible benefits to end users.

    “Finding a gap in the market and a clear Unique Selling Proposition (USP) were the primary driving forces behind forming any idea.Identifying the specific problem the project aimed to solve was crucial in ensuring its relevance and potential for success. The process of finding this gap and refining the idea into a viable company presented significant challenges.”
    - Matt emphasized that understanding the needs of the market and potential users was essential in crafting a solution that truly addressed their pain points. The hardest part was striking the perfect balance between addressing existing issues and ensuring that the company's vision aligned with the demands of the target audience.
    The essence of every victorious blockchain project lies in the synergy of identifying problems and engineering solutions that revolutionize industries. The strategic process begins by recognizing the actual challenges faced by users and envisioning how blockchain can strategically address them. This transformative journey demands a deep understanding of user pain points, leading to the creation of pioneering solutions that resonate with the target market. By bridging the gap between real-world issues and the potential of blockchain, entrepreneurs pave the way for a future characterized by groundbreaking innovations and meaningful impact.

  • Market Research and Analysis:

  • Understanding the intricacies of the target market and comprehending the competitive landscape is fundamental to developing a winning strategy. Market research should delve into the preferences, habits, and pain points of potential users, laying the groundwork for tailored offerings. In-depth competitor analysis provides insights into the strengths and weaknesses of rival projects, enabling entrepreneurs to differentiate and refine their approaches.

Technical Challenges:

Blockchain development poses an array of technical challenges that necessitate expertise and ingenuity. Scalability, or the ability to handle increasing transaction volumes, remains a persistent hurdle for many blockchain networks. Security vulnerabilities demand rigorous testing and constant vigilance to safeguard against potential attacks. Moreover, ensuring interoperability between diverse blockchains and traditional systems calls for standardization efforts. Overcoming these hurdles is essential to building a robust and reliable blockchain infrastructure.

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Regulatory and Legal Considerations:

The dynamic and evolving nature of blockchain regulations adds a layer of complexity to project development. Entrepreneurs must navigate the intricate web of legal frameworks and compliance requirements that vary across jurisdictions. Ensuring adherence to evolving regulatory standards is crucial to avoid legal setbacks and foster sustainable growth.

“The legal aspect of a blockchain project is crucial, as navigating regulatory frameworks and compliance requirements can be complex. However, the importance of having the right partners, such as incubators or accelerators, to support and guide the company through legal challenges. Collaborating with experts in the field helps and ensure that companies comply with legal standards, thus minimizing potential hurdles.”

Funding and Resource Management:

Securing adequate funding is a perpetual challenge for blockchain projects, considering the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Convincing investors or raising funds demands compelling business cases and meticulous planning. Responsible resource management throughout the project's lifecycle is imperative to ensure its longevity and viability.

“Acquiring investments can be a daunting task”, and Matt stressed the importance of having a solid idea, a strong team, and a compelling product to attract potential investors. “A convincing pitch deck is instrumental in presenting the project's vision, value proposition, and potential for growth. Also, the need to establish trust with investors by showcasing a robust business model and a clear roadmap to success. As for finding investors, networking within the blockchain community and attending industry events played a pivotal role in connecting with interested stakeholders.”

Building a Strong Team:

A successful blockchain project necessitates a diverse, skilled, and cohesive team with a shared vision. The scarcity of blockchain experts and the intense competition for top talent make assembling an accomplished team a formidable task. Entrepreneurs must not only seek technical expertise but also nurture a culture of innovation and collaboration to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.
Building a strong and cohesive team was a priority for Matt emphasized the significance of creating well-defined processes and protocols to guide the team's development and execution. Focusing on assembling a team with diverse skills and a shared vision was vital in driving the project forward effectively.

Marketing and Adoption:

The innovative nature of blockchain projects often invites skepticism from traditional industries and users unfamiliar with the technology. Marketing strategies should not only focus on creating awareness but also on building a strong community and educating the target audience about the benefits and applications of blockchain.
“Try everything until success and then try everything again as something that didn’t work will probably now work. “
The ever-changing nature of the blockchain landscape demands continuous exploration and experimentation with marketing approaches. Challenges may arise due to the novelty of the technology, as traditional industries and users may be skeptical.
Garnering trust and driving adoption requires having like-minded people in direct contact and conversation with the team, clear communication, and a compelling narrative that showcases the practicality and real-world impact of the project.
For Travala, the same as for every blockchain project, the community is exceptionally crucial for a crypto startup, as they become the product's first users and advocates. Building a community can be challenging, and Matt emphasized the need to offer real value to attract and retain community members. Listening to the community.

User Experience and Education:

User experience plays a pivotal role in the adoption of any technology. Blockchain projects must prioritize intuitive interfaces and user-friendly experiences to attract and retain users, both tech-savvy and non-technical. Educating users about the potential of blockchain and dispelling myths and misconceptions is crucial for achieving widespread acceptance.
“Going public with a blockchain product involves more than just a white paper. While a well-crafted white paper is important, MVP (minimum viable product) to demonstrate your vision and ability to rally others around it plays a more significant role. Engaging with potential stakeholders and aligning their interests with the project's goals is instrumental in gaining support and going public with the product.”

Real-World Use Cases and Success Stories:

Drawing inspiration from real-world blockchain success stories provides invaluable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. Examining projects that have disrupted industries and solved critical challenges offers valuable lessons and best practices. Learning from both the triumphs and setbacks of established projects empowers entrepreneurs to make informed decisions and set realistic expectations.


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