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How to Choose the Right Market Maker for Your Token

Thursday, September 28, 2023

In the highly competitive cryptocurrency market, thousands of tokens are vying for attention and liquidity. Many token projects face challenges such as low trading activity, high slippage, and wide bid-ask spreads. To overcome these obstacles and ensure market efficiency, token projects often partner with market makers. Market makers play a crucial role in providing liquidity and facilitating trading activity. But how do you choose the right market maker for your token? In this article, we will explore the key factors to consider when selecting a market maker and guide you through the process.

1. Experience and Track Record of the Team.

Market making in the crypto space requires specialized knowledge, bespoke technology solutions, and risk management expertise. When choosing a market maker, it is essential to consider the experience and track record of their team. Look for market makers with a team of professionals who have extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of the crypto market. Ideally, the team should have a background in token issuance or working with crypto exchanges, as this expertise can provide valuable insights and contribute to the success of your token.

2. Pricing and Business Model.

  • The pricing structure and incentives model of a market maker are important factors to consider. While the actual fees for market-making services may vary case by case, it is crucial to ensure that the market maker's pricing is transparent and aligns with your goals. Be cautious of market makers who offer pricing models that may create conflicts of interest or incentivize short-term gains at the expense of long-term market health. Look for market makers who are incentivized to provide a good liquidity service and maintain a healthy trading environment for your token.

3. Connectivity to Exchanges.

    Partnering with a market maker who has a wide network of partner exchanges can be beneficial for your token. The market maker should have established relationships with various exchanges and the ability to provide liquidity across multiple trading pairs. This connectivity can help you get listed on new exchanges and ensure a smooth onboarding process. Additionally, market makers with a strong network can offer insights into different exchange ecosystems and help you navigate the complexities of the crypto market.

4. Operating Model and Control Over Assets.

When selecting a market maker, it is essential to understand their operating model and how they handle your token's assets. The market maker may require access to your token's inventory, which can be provided through a managed account on the exchange or by lending the inventory to the market maker. It is generally preferable to maintain control over your token's inventory and choose a market maker who operates with a non-custodial solution. This ensures that you retain ownership and control over your assets while benefiting from the market maker's liquidity services.

5. Ability to Provide Service in All Market Conditions.

The ability of a market maker to operate efficiently in all market conditions is crucial. The crypto market is known for its volatility, and market makers must be able to adapt and provide liquidity even during the most turbulent times. Look for market makers who have a proven track record of sustaining their services during market downturns and are capable of handling both liquid and illiquid tokens. A reliable market maker will be able to provide continuous liquidity and support trading activities regardless of market sentiment.

6. Regulation and Compliance.

With the increasing regulation of the crypto market, it is important to partner with a market maker that complies with regulatory frameworks and operates within the legal boundaries. Market makers should be registered and regulated in the jurisdiction where they operate. Ensure that the market maker follows proper know-your-customer (KYC) procedures and adheres to anti-money laundering (AML) regulations. Working with a regulated market maker not only ensures compliance but also mitigates the risk of engaging in illegal activities such as wash trading.

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7. Transparency and Reporting.

Transparency is a key factor when choosing a market maker. They should provide a clear fee structure, transparent communication, and detailed reporting. A market maker should be accountable for their actions and be able to demonstrate the value they provide through their services. Look for market makers who are willing to share their methodologies, provide regular updates, and offer transparent reporting on their trading activities. This transparency builds trust and allows you to assess the effectiveness of their market-making strategies.

8. Technology and Infrastructure.

Market making in the crypto space requires advanced technology and infrastructure. Assess the market maker's technological capabilities and ensure they have robust systems in place to handle challenges such as stale data, trade execution lag, and API downtime. Look for market makers who have proprietary software and algorithms specifically designed for market making. Additionally, consider the market maker's ability to adapt to evolving market dynamics and their commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the crypto industry.

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9. Reputation and References.

Research the market maker's reputation within the crypto community and seek references from their previous or current clients. Look for testimonials or case studies that highlight their successful collaborations and the value they have provided. A market maker with a positive reputation and satisfied clients is more likely to deliver a high-quality service. Additionally, consider the market maker's presence in industry conferences, events, and publications. Active participation in the crypto community demonstrates their commitment to the market and their willingness to share insights and knowledge.

10. Cultural Fit and Long-Term Partnership.

Lastly, consider the cultural fit and the potential for a long-term partnership with the market maker. Building a successful relationship requires open communication, mutual trust, and shared values. Look for market makers who are willing to understand your token's vision and align their strategies with your long-term goals. A market maker who sees themselves as a partner rather than just a service provider is more likely to invest in the success of your token and contribute to its growth.

User experience plays a pivotal role in the adoption of any technology. Blockchain projects must prioritize intuitive interfaces and user-friendly experiences to attract and retain users, both tech-savvy and non-technical. Educating users about the potential of blockchain and dispelling myths and misconceptions is crucial for achieving widespread acceptance.
“Going public with a blockchain product involves more than just a white paper. While a well-crafted white paper is important, MVP (minimum viable product) to demonstrate your vision and ability to rally others around it plays a more significant role. Engaging with potential stakeholders and aligning their interests with the project's goals is instrumental in gaining support and going public with the product.”


In conclusion, choosing the right market maker for your token is a critical decision that can significantly impact the liquidity and trading activity of your token. Consider factors such as the experience and track record of the team, pricing and business model, connectivity to exchanges, operating model and control over assets, ability to provide service in all market conditions, regulation and compliance, transparency and reporting, technology and infrastructure, reputation and references, and cultural fit. By carefully evaluating these factors and conducting thorough due diligence, you can select a market maker that aligns with your token's needs and contributes to its success in the crypto market.

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