Incubation and Accelerations for Web3 projects.

We nurture the best teams and spread the most effective practices.

Yellow Capital focused on scaling projects, including pre-seed projects at our incubation and acceleration programs.

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Private Rounds:
Incubation, early stage projects and
pre-TGE investments
Investment and Incubation​

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For Altcoins:
Prime Market Making and liquidity
provision services for
healthy trading environment of your token

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Listed Assets:
Portfolio management, OTC deals, algorithmic selling and buying to maximize your capital efficiency

+Free Market Making

Trusted by over 100 crypto token projects

Ensure your token growth with consistent spreads and healthy order books.

What is included?

We support teams in successfully launching their tokens by advising them on different things that matter.  Tokenomics, testnet and utility applications designs, go-to-market strategies, and then we do day-to-day simulations to predict the selling and buying pressures, and then a pinnacle of our work is the listing, market making, and trading strategy.
We also connect projects on the program with leading investors, exchanges, launchpads, KOLs managers and marketing agencies, and other partners essential to ensure a successful token launch.

All services we provide to the selected teams:

Strategic Networking & Partnerships

Get introduced to the selected partners among leading blockchains  YN's partners in a network of ecosystems (L1s, L2s, dApps), projects & protocols.

Legal & Structuring

Get everything structured with the help of our legal team.
Our Fundraising Team provides guidance to projects on their fundraising strategy (token and/or equity) and helps them develop a winning pitch deck. Projects also get the chance to pitch to our network of more than 250 Web3 VCs in our quarterly Demo Day.

Web3 Strategy

We help with the strategy that really matters, the most important metrics that will get you listed on top-tier exchanges, and the narrative that really attracts the crypto crowd.


We are engineering tokenomics, considering that there are no hidden rocks that are going to stagger the growth. That includes utility designs, stakeholder mappings, value flow diagrams, architecture designs, economy simulations, and distribution. 

Marketing, Growth, Community

We help you develop the best go-to-market strategy and improve all the metrics we need for a perfect launch.                                            

Maximize your crypto assets with automated trading.

We are preparing to launch the inaugural cohort for our incubation program. The incubation process involves dedicated day-to-day work with our mentors for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months.

For projects that have already shaped their ideas, we are offering a full-scale advisory accelerator program designed to boost the most important metrics within the three-month program.

What is Crypto Incubation and Acceleration?

Yellow Capital enable startups to overcome early challenges, attract investments, and scale their solutions.

Crypto incubation and acceleration are crucial for crypto and Web3 projects. They promote innovation, provide necessary resources, and help startups navigate blockchain technology and cryptocurrency markets.
They include following services:

  • Seed Funding: Early financial support to help startups get off the ground.
  • Mentorship: Mentorship by experienced crypto entrepreneurs and blockchain experts.
  • Workspace: Physical office spaces in Yellow Coworking to work and collaborate.
  • Networking Opportunities: Access to a network of crypto and Web3 investors, partners, and other blockchain startups.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Connections with blockchain leaders, potential clients, and partners.
  • Education and Training: Workshops and courses on blockchain technology, crypto business development, Web3 marketing, and regulatory compliance.
  • Demo Days: Opportunities to pitch to a wide audience of crypto investors and blockchain industry stakeholders.

​Advanced blockchain analytics tools and custom automated solutions improve efficiency and security. Effective treasury management and treasury building bring financial stability to any crypto project and capitalize on digital assets' growth potential, which is critical for businesses navigating the crypto landscape.

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