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What is BUIDL? BlackRock's Tokenized Fund

Friday, June 28, 2024

Overview of BUIDL and Tokenization

The term BUIDL comes from the cryptocurrency space—from some dark dungeons—and is a slogan to ignite developers and innovators. As a modification for HODL, which is the act of not selling cryptocurrencies, it promotes active participation in the ecosystem by developing practical applications, tools, and services. It's not about speculating on blockchain technology; it's about contributing to its infrastructure and utility. Last year, BlackRock, the world's biggest asset manager, launched a tokenized fund called BUIDL. The event signaled a move for BlackRock further into blockchain and digital assets. At the center of this innovation is the process called tokenization, through which rights to an asset are converted into a digital token registered on a blockchain. Being able to harness the power of blockchain technology, BlackRock then intends to transform a traditional financial asset into more accessible, liquid, and transparent forms digitally.

What does BUIDL mean?
BUIDL represents a mindset shift within the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities. It originates from HODL, a term crypto enthusiasts use to encourage themselves to hold their coins rather than sell when the market turns downwards. BUIDL, on the other hand, enables people and corporations to get active in building and developing within the crypto space. The ethos of BUIDL is that it creates value and utility in the blockchain ecosystem. Holding on to assets and waiting for their price appreciation isn't sufficient. True believers in the potential of blockchain technology invest their time, money, and effort into decentralized application (dApp) development, brilliant contract creation, and other blockchain solutions with the ability to drive real-world adoption and solve concrete problems.

What is BlackRock's BUIDL?

BUIDL is the BlackRock USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund. It represents a significant leap in the financial industry's embrace of blockchain technology. By tokenizing a traditional financial asset, BlackRock aims to demonstrate the benefits of blockchain in creating more liquid, transparent, and accessible investment products.
BlackRock has chosen to launch its tokenized fund on the Ethereum network, which is renowned for its robust smart contract functionality and wide acceptance in the crypto community. This strategic choice ensures that the fund benefits from Ethereum's secure, decentralized infrastructure while also tapping into a broad base of potential investors already familiar with the platform.

How does BUIDL it Work?
Basically, BUIDL creates tokens that represent shares of the fund, while the fund itself is investing in safe real-world assets, like the US Treasury, gold, etc.
The fund distributes monthly dividends, enhances liquidity, and provides immediate settlement.
BlockRock expects to keep the price of the token stable.

Goals and Objectives for BUIDL
The BUIDL fund from BlackRock is mainly designed to provide an investment vehicle that is more effective, open, and transparent. As such, through tokenizing these kinds of assets, BlackRock will consequently lower the entry threshold for investors, giving them much freedom and control over their investments. Additionally, blockchain technology securely records all transactions so that they become easily auditable, increasing trust and transparency. The BUIDL fund also aims to provide traditionally illiquid asset class enhanced liquidity. High-priced art, collectibles, and private equity are often very hard to trade due to the high value placed on them, with minimal market access. Tokenization can fractionalize these for easy buy/sell/trade in a secondary market.
Tokenization of assets means that many investors at various levels can now participate with BlackRock in investing opportunities. This democratization is particularly significant in the context of traditionally illiquid asset classes, such as real estate or art, which have had high barriers to entry.
The BlackRock BUIDL Fund is a significant move that brings the financial system closer to being more inclusive and efficient, using blockchain technology for real change in how people manage assets.

What is Tokenization?

What is Tokenization

Tokenization is the process of creating a crypto token on the blockchain from a physical or digital asset. This process has some steps:
Identifying the Asset: the specific asset that would undergo the tokenization process is determined. This could be real estate or a share in a company.
Smart Contract Creation: a smart contract is created to represent the asset on the blockchain. Such a contract comprises all the terms and conditions related to the asset—namely, who owns it and to whom it can be transferred, among other necessary details.
Token Issuance: The issuance of digital tokens representing shares in a certain proportion of ownership of the asset. Each token has a smart contract attached to it and is transferable on the blockchain.
Trading and Settlement: There should be a secondary market where such tokens can be traded or exchanged, with transactions appropriately recorded on the blockchain. Intelligent contracts govern such trades and, hence, automatically processed once the stipulated terms in the agreement are met.
Regulatory Compliance: Ensures compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements at any point during the tokenization process, including AML and KYC requirements.

What are the Benefits of Tokenization?

Several significant advantages can be associated with tokenization, and it is for these that it continues to draw so much interest within the context of modern financial systems:
Increased Liquidity: Tokenization of assets increases liquidity by many folds. Investors can trade fractions of an asset, which is particularly beneficial for high-value items like real estate or art.
Security and Transparency: How blockchain transparently and securely maintains an immutable ledger of all the transactions builds confidence among the investors, as they can verify the authenticity and ownership of the asset.
Accessibility: Tokenization brings significantly low barriers to entry, thus widening the range of participation into markets that were earlier not accessible. Such democratization is vital to fostering inclusion in a financial system.
Efficiency: Smart contracts make trade and asset management processes almost autonomous, reducing the number of intermediaries and, therefore, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Transparency and Security

Because it's blockchain-based, all transactions involving the BUIDL fund are transparent and secure. Each transaction is recorded on the blockchain, maintaining a transparent record from which each movement can be tracked at any time. This kind of transparency is most important in winning investors' trust since it assures them that their investments are genuine and in their name.
Second, smart contracts add to the security of these kinds of transactions. Smart contracts run automatically and guarantee the terms of the agreement are met. With such automation, the risks of human errors and possible fraud are removed by the use of smart contracts, which boosts the confidence of investors in the safety of their investments.


The BUIDL fund will be designed to be accessible to all kinds of investors. BlackRock tokenizes the assets to make the investment available and affordable. Democratizing investment opportunity is one main goal of the BUIDL fund. For example, traditional commercial real estate is out of reach and usually requires substantial investment, mostly by institutional investors. More important is that the BUIDL fund allows individual investors to buy tokens that symbolize a share of a commercial property, hence opening one's way into this lucrative market without the necessity of having significant amounts of capital.

Fractional Ownership

Tokenization offers a game-changer for asset fractional ownership since instead of needing one to purchase an entire investment, the purchase of fractions of an asset is done via digitized tokens. This not only makes it easier to invest in high-value assets but also facilitates diversification in that investors can spread their capital across multiple assets. For instance, an investor could buy tokens representing fractional ownership in several properties, works of art, or even venture capital funds. This sort of diversification helps to decrease risk and improve the chances of returns—an all-attractive area for those who know the game.

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BlackRock is taking a significant step toward the integration of traditional finance with decentralized technologies through the issuance of a tokenized fund. Powered by blockchain, this will support BlackRock in improving liquidity, transparency, and access in asset management. The BUIDL Fund opens an entirely new age of investments: easy-to-trade assets, transparent and guaranteed ownership, and greater possibilities for investing in high-value holdings for a broader class of potential investors. With more financial institutions taking the BlackRock lead, the use of blockchain technology in asset management will nurture innovation and open new opportunities for investing around the world.

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