Yellow Capital Blog/Weekly Crypto Digest/Weekly Crypto Digest for May 15-21, 2023.

Weekly Crypto Digest for May 15-21, 2023.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

TOP news of the crypto industry by Yellow Capital.

The Council of the European Union unanimously approved the MiCA regulation

In the Council of the EU, representatives of the bloc's 27 member states unanimously adopted a regulation on the regulation of crypto-asset markets, known as MiCA. As a result of the adoption of MiCA, the EU became the first jurisdiction to have a comprehensive licensing regime for cryptocurrencies. The regulation covers the issuance, trading and storage of many types of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, security and utility tokens.

Ripple has launched a platform to develop CBDC and stablecoins

Fintech company Ripple has announced the launch of a CBDC platform that allows central banks, governments, and financial institutions to develop their own digital currencies and stablecoins.
A new tool called the Ripple CBDC Platform allows you to manage the entire life cycle of cryptocurrencies — from issuance and storage to distribution and burning, the press release notes.

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WazirX stated that Binance controls the WRX token

Indian crypto exchange WazirX said Binance owns $580 million worth of native WRX tokens and keeps all IEO profits (108,401 BNB). In addition, the platform claims that Binance has not conducted a quarterly WRX burn since January 2022.

Tether will invest up to 15% of profits in Bitcoin

Tether, the issuer of the stablecoin USDT, has announced a new investment strategy that involves regular purchases of Bitcoin to diversify exposure.
Starting in May, the company will regularly allocate "up to 15% of net realized operating profit" to purchase the first cryptocurrency.

Users lost more than $15 million on the fake HitBTC site

Hackers have stolen more than $15 million in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and other cryptocurrencies through a fake website of the HitBTC exchange, SlowMist experts have found.

Tornado Cash has been hacked

A hacker attacked the Tornado Cash mixer. He was able to gain full control over the mixer, revoked all blocked votes, pulled all tokens from the management contract, and hacked the router.
In total, the attacker received 483,000 TORN from the storage of the Tornado Cash management. Sold 385,300 TORN and exchanged them for 375 ETH.

Texas authorities have approved a mandatory PoR for crypto exchanges

The Texas Legislature has approved a Proof-of-Reserves bill. He will require crypto exchanges operating in the state to report on their asset reserves. These reserves must be "sufficient to fulfill all obligations to clients."
Now it's up to the Senate and the state governor to approve and sign the document. If everything goes smoothly, the new law will enter into force by September 1 of this year.
The bill amends the Texas Finance Code, the state's main law. It must be observed by all crypto-providers who serve more than 500 clients in the state and have accumulated assets of $10 million.

Bitcoin mining difficulty set another maximum

As a result of another recalculation, the difficulty of mining the first cryptocurrency increased by 3.22%. Currently, the maximum indicator is 49.55 trillion hashes.

Opera has integrated the MultiversX blockchain into the browser

Binance has announced its exit from the Canadian market amid regulatory changes, new stablecoin regulations, and restrictions for investors that made it impossible for Binance to operate in the country.

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