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The Biggest VC Investments in Crypto of 2023

Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Against the background of the growth of the crypto market, we at Yellow Capital decided to uncover the largest investments made this year.
The year 2023 has witnessed an unprecedented surge in the realm of crypto investments, drawing attention from the most discerning investors and forward-thinking enterprises. Over 400 public investments, with an impressive average investment amount of approximately $9.8 million, have paved the way for a new era of financial innovation and technological advancement.
In this article, we will delve into the most promising investment opportunities that have captured the attention of the biggest venture funds.
Our aim is to provide you with detailed insights and analysis that will help you make informed decisions and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the cryptocurrency market.

TOP-15 in 2023

Blockstream's Expansion of Mining Operations

Blockstream, a prominent player in the crypto industry, recently raised an impressive $125 million in funding to expand its mining operations. This significant investment underscores the company's commitment to strengthening the Bitcoin network's security and scalability. Blockstream's expertise in mining and its focus on sustainable practices make it an enticing investment opportunity.

LayerZero Series B

LayerZero's Series B funding round has been making waves in the crypto industry. With a successful raise of undisclosed funding, LayerZero has secured significant investment to further develop its cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure. This project is poised to revolutionize the scalability and efficiency of decentralized applications, making it an attractive investment prospect.

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Worldcoin's Fundraising Led by Blockchain Capital

Sam Altman's crypto project, Worldcoin, recently raised $115 million in a funding round led by Blockchain Capital. Worldcoin aims to create a universal basic income system using blockchain technology. The substantial investment it received is a testament to the potential impact this project could have on the future of finance and social welfare.

Ledger's $109M Round

Ledger, a leading crypto hardware wallet maker, successfully raised $109 million in its recent funding round. This significant investment will enable Ledger to enhance its security solutions and expand its product offerings. As the demand for secure storage solutions for cryptocurrencies continues to rise, Ledger is well-positioned to capitalize on this growing market.

Marathon Digital and Auradine's Collaboration

Bitcoin miner Marathon Digital and startup Auradine joined forces, raising $81 million to accelerate their operations. This collaboration aims to leverage Marathon Digital's mining expertise and Auradine's innovative technology to optimize the efficiency and sustainability of Bitcoin mining. With the increasing mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, this investment presents an enticing opportunity.

Chain Reaction's Series C Funding

Chain Reaction, a blockchain-based project, successfully raised $70 million in its Series C funding round. This substantial investment will support the further development of Chain Reaction's innovative solutions, which aim to bridge traditional finance with the crypto industry. As blockchain technology continues to disrupt various sectors, Chain Reaction's funding round highlights the growing interest in this transformative technology.

Taurus' Strategic Investments

Taurus, a leading digital asset infrastructure provider, raised an impressive $65 million from strategic investors. This significant investment will enable Taurus to enhance its product offerings and expand its market presence. Taurus' commitment to providing secure and reliable infrastructure for digital assets positions it as a key player in the crypto ecosystem.

SALT's Fundraising to Resume Operations

Crypto lender SALT successfully raised $644 million in funding to resume its operations. This substantial investment reaffirms the demand for crypto lending services and demonstrates investor confidence in SALT's business model. With the crypto industry's rapid growth, SALT is poised to capitalize on the increasing need for lending solutions within the digital asset space.

QuickNode's Valuation in Series B Round

QuickNode, a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure, achieved a valuation of $800 million in its Series B funding round. This remarkable milestone highlights the growing demand for reliable and scalable blockchain infrastructure solutions. QuickNode's funding will enable the company to expand its services and support the growing ecosystem of decentralized applications.

Unchained Capital's $60M Funding

Bitcoin financial services firm Unchained Capital raised $60 million in funding to further develop its services. With the increasing adoption of Bitcoin, Unchained Capital provides essential financial solutions to enable individuals and businesses to leverage the potential of cryptocurrencies. This investment underscores the growing interest in Bitcoin-focused financial services.

Magic's Funding Led by PayPal Ventures

Magic, a blockchain-based passwordless authentication platform, raised $52 million in funding led by PayPal Ventures. This investment highlights the growing importance of secure and user-friendly authentication solutions in the crypto space. Magic's innovative approach addresses the inherent vulnerabilities of traditional password-based systems, making it an exciting prospect for both individuals and enterprises.

Ethereum Scaling with Scroll

Scroll, a leading Ethereum scaling solution, successfully raised $50 million, resulting in a staggering $1.8 billion valuation. Scroll's technology aims to tackle Ethereum's scalability challenges, enabling faster and more cost-effective transactions on the network. As Ethereum continues to cement its position as a dominant smart contract platform, investments in scaling solutions like Scroll are gaining significant attention.

Eigenlayer's Funding Amid Crypto Winter

Eigenlayer, a staking protocol, raised $50 million in funding amid the crypto winter. Despite the challenging market conditions, Eigenlayer's innovative staking solutions garnered considerable investor interest. The company's focus on providing secure and efficient staking services positions it as a key player in the blockchain ecosystem, even during periods of market turbulence.

Carbonplace's New CEO and Funding

Carbonplace, an environmental marketplace leveraging blockchain technology, announced a new CEO and secured $45 million in funding. The company's vision is to facilitate sustainable investments and carbon offsetting through a transparent and decentralized marketplace. With the growing global emphasis on sustainability, Carbonplace's combination of blockchain and environmental impact presents an exciting opportunity for investors.

Blockchain Compute Power with Gensyn

Gensyn, a company specializing in blockchain compute power, successfully raised an undisclosed amount of funding. Gensyn's innovative approach harnesses idle computing power to support blockchain networks, contributing to their security and efficiency. As the blockchain industry continues to expand, Gensyn's investment signifies the recognition of the pivotal role compute power plays in the ecosystem.

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