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The CEO of Yellow Capital gave a speech at Tulum Crypto Fest.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

The CEO of Yellow Capital gave a speech at Tulum Crypto Fest

Last week the CEO of Yellow Capital, Alexis, with the team attended Tulum Crypto Fest. During the event, he was invited to participate in the panel where he shared his thoughts about the vision for the future and why Yellow Capital is doing what we do. Here’s to your attention we prepared a short video from the speech.


The CEO of Yellow Capital gave a speech at Tulum Crypto Fest '23

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And for those, who prefer reading, you can find the text below.

For example, a country like Mexico has 140 publicly listed companies. But there are 4 million SMEs that don’t have access to public capital and since the establishment of the SEC soon 100 years ago, SMEs are limited to bank loans, family, and friends. And that is a good thing because people were selling smoke to retail investors and market manipulation was the norm.

However, with Blockchain we can create a trust layer for example with CBDC for payments, and put everything like title deeds and accounting on the Blockchain. Once we have established a trust layer, our same regulators will be able to use AI to regulate and supervise those 4 million companies to give them the same fair access to public capital as publicly listed stock.

This will not only empower innovation but also promote gender and ethnic equality. The small restaurant owner wanting to expand his business will be able to publicly solicit capital to expand his business and a woman looking to raise capital will stand on the same grounds as a man.

The issue is that those millions of offerings might be somewhat illiquid. The automated algorithms we use at Yellow Capital have ten years of experience and refinements to solve the complex problem of providing liquidity to illiquid assets like utility tokens. We want to be positioned at the forefront which is why we are building Yellow Capital today. To be ready and established as a market leader when the time comes to give the power to the people and to innovation.

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Hi, I am Alexis Yellow

CEO of Yellow Capital

Are you ready for a wild career transition? I went from launching rockets into outer space at the European Space Center to helping Token Issuers launch their Crypto Projects!

Yellow Capital provides advisory services, strategic investments, and prime crypto market making.

Join me on this journey as I share my experiences and expertise in the crypto world, and maybe we'll even launch a few successful projects together!

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